For Sale used Citroen DS3R3MAX Engine!

2.800km (you can drive 1.200km)

Price: €6.500,- excl. VAT excl. Delivery!!

For sale a NEW Gearbox for Citroen DS3R3 / MAX !!

Price 3MO: €12.900,- excl. VAT excl. Delivery!!

OUR PRICE €9.500,- excl. VAT excl. Delivery!!

For sale a new Gravel Kit NEW with follow parts:

2 x new front damper
2 x new rear damper
4 x new rims
2 x new brake caliper front
2 x new Damper Protecion
2 x new Scrapper
2 x new brake disc with bol screws …
1 x new brake pads
2 x new holder for brake caliper with spacer

Price: €8.600,- excl. VAT excl. Delivery

Unused, never driven!!!!

Used gravel suspension/springs/brake disc/Stone Protection Peugeot 208T16 / Citroen DS3R5

For sale a used gravel suspension complett with springs (4 x brake disc with bell, stone protection rear for Peugeot 208T16/Citroen DS3R5

4 x 18 springs green
6 x 27 springs yellow
2 x 22 springs red
4 x helper spring
4 x brake disc with bell used
left and right stone protection rear new!

For more infos please contact me.

Price €8.200,- excl. VAT

We sale a new Peugeot 208T16 / Citroen DS3R5 Gearbox.
New price is 25.000,- excl. VAT !

Our Special price is 17.000,- excl. VAT and excl. delivery!

For sale a used new revision Lifeline fire extinguishing system for R5.
Serial No 105-001-006
Fia Standard 8865-2015
Date of Service 10. May 2019
Next Service 10. May 2021
Price 450,- excl. VAT and excl. delivery

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