Citroen DS3R5 Chassis 025. Last Evo 2018! Complett new Engine 2018 only driven 340km, Gearbox after Revision 180km, Steering, Steering pump, starter,pop off,altinator …. 340km, Dampers 840km
One of the nicest R5 on the Market!
Car comes in Asphalt Setup with 8 rims.

Price included 8 x Asphalt rims
€139.000,- excl. 20% VAT and excl. delivery!

Extra Spareparts:

Gravel Kit: €10.000,-
used spare Gearbox: €13.500,- excl. VAT and excl. Delivery
used Differential: € 9.500,- excl. VAT and excl. Delivery
Many spare parts used and new for extra price!